Blood and Chocolate

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YA book “Blood and Chocolate” was this month’s book club pick with Gail Carriger. I thought about writing a review, but honestly Gail’s review is better informed and more articulate than what I would have written. Check out her review on Goodreads. Enjoy!   Oh – one side┬ánote – don’t watch the movie. I hear… More

Staring at the Ceiling and Talking in my Head

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Sorry for the gap in posts. There hasn’t been much to report, other than staring at the ceiling is more palatable when you have various colors painted on the walls. It’s true. Our old place drove me crazy with pure white. So before moving into the new place we painted. The living room is gorgeous… More

Yay! More Georgette Heyer.

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Today I received another Georgette Heyer novel from my friend in London. She knows just how to cheer me up and what novels are best to read while recovering. This week I’ll learn all about Sylvester…my friend told me she particularly picked this book because I have something in common with the female protagonist in… More

Reading, Writing, and Watching

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People ask what I’ve been up to lately. Not much. Writing has stalled until the pain is better under control. I plan to get back to it this week. However, I have made it through all of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I’ll take my bow now. Below a pick of my leg all iced… More