You Won’t Believe What This One Famous Writer Does To Make Money

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Okay, I admit, the title for this blog post is click bait. Wait, don’t go…there’s some good information here if you are a writer, an aspiring writer, who wants to know what it takes to make a living off your writing. I don’t have the answers. I’m new too and trying to figure this out… More


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Is it wrong that I don’t care about a pig and a frog dating, not dating, dating others? I miss the entertainment of musical guest and stars, and some funny silly skits. Not so much interested in the real world of Muppets. That said, looking forward to Sesame Street on HBO.

Writing Critique Group I Can’t Live Without

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For the past two months I’ve done nothing but work on my submission to agents and editors. Since I pitched my book and have requests for up to fifty pages, this was no small task. I couldn’t have done it without my critique group. No matter how well I thought I’d written a scene, every… More