Next Chapter

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Walking the dog this morning I was able to get the rest of my next chapter of my book figured out. Can’t wait for writing on Sunday. Love having the time to think creatively.

Penny-Arcade Kickstarter Reward

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Today I sent in my synopsis of my book to Jerry @ Penny-Arcade. In July my hope will be to have my book in shape and ready for him to read and provide feedback on. It was part of the Kickstarter reward for my donation. I’m pretty excited about it, but also nervous. I know… More

Renewed Faith in Humanity

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Sandy Hook shook me, so horrible and terrifying. I was a teacher for five years and can’t imagine going through that experience, or being as brave as many of those teachers and children were that day. It depressed me. Even further due to a shooting near my home that took place in a public restaurant. I… More