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JH created a few illustrations based off a race of creatures I am writing about in my novel. The collaboration was fun, and exciting to see them come to life rather than just my text descriptions. I hope we do more of that…could be a neat addition to the story.

Awesomest Post Ever by The Bloggess

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The Bloggess has some incredible posts I’ll admit. Way more cool than my little corner of a blog. But this one will be a favorite post of hers: If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor and leave my blog NOW and go check it out.

PNWA Writing Contest

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Next week I plan to enter into the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association Writing Contest. I don’t expect to win anything, but hope for some good feedback on my story. It will be scary and exciting. Creative projects can be emotional. There is the opportunity for elation at peaks and deflation during dips. But the important… More

I’m in the fire now

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Things are moving fast. I’ve decided to enter a writing contest (PNWA yearly). The goal is to receive two feedback rounds on my submission, which will happen if I win anything or not. I don’t plan on winning, or placing as a finalist…just want to see what industry experts have to say about my story…. More


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I am researching swords for my novel. I am surprised by how many types there are, how each are used, and what scenarios they would be useful in. This makes it difficult to decide what my protagonist will carry. I remember it didn’t take me long to pick out a favorite weapon of hers…in guns. But swords… More