Haggis was the Main Course!

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OMG I can’t believe it, I knew people at the party! First of all, there was dinner Haggis was the main course!  I didn’t have any, but the next Burns Supper I attend I plan to try it. Anyway, while standing around getting to know people one guys blurts out, “Do I know you from somewhere”… More

Going to a Burns Supper

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Burns Supper. We are going to a Burns Supper, but I don’t even know what this means. JH just told me right now that it has something to do with some Scottish guy named Robert Burns. I said “oh you mean the poet?!” he said yes. Should be fun but I won’t know anyone there…. More

Good to Keep Track

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Brother is hanging out with mom today. I had to go back to work. I took detailed notes the first two days (even writing down nurse and doctor names, etc) People come and go so often it’s good to keep track of medication and what they tell us. Looks like mom will have a long… More

Crashed at Sister’s Place

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Wow, spent the day yesterday in emergency, mom finally at end of day got moved to the regular hospital area. She was in pain all day, poor thing. They were pumping her full of morphine and it still didn’t help.  Finally by end of day they figured out a good mix and she relaxed and… More

Mom Can’t Walk

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Got a call at 5:30am. Sister says mom can’t get out of bed. I have to go down with her and make sure she gets to emergency room for care. Her back went out right after Christmas and we were hoping it would get better. She went into emergency two weeks ago, but they just… More

Christmas Cancelled

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Back to work in the office. Snow is almost all gone. Lots of slush and ice. YAY I got to see my good friend Mellissa. She is getting married in June. She has asked me to be bridesmaid. YIKES I better start my exercise program now! Maybe I can lose 15 lbs by then. I’d… More

Worked From Home All Week

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Snow. Snow. Snow. Worked from home all week. It was awesome to be able to stay in my PJ’s. We walked around the neighborhood and took some pictures. Everyone is posting all their fun snow pictures up on Facebook. I love seeing Gig Harbor pictures, and Seattle area, etc.

Wanted to meet Spike Lee

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Third day of cupcake eating. I don’t think I will want cake for a long time. Today is Martin Luther King Day. We watched The Help last night to honor the day. It was a great movie. JH was resistant at first, he thought it would be a chick flick and wasn’t in the mood…. More

Big Butt Snow Angels

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Snowed in!! Love it. Just staying warm and taking pictures of the neighborhood. I did a snow angel. I didn’t know angels had such big butts!! OMG – I had to alter it a bit to make the angel look like it had a dress. Doh. I know I need to get going with my… More

Watching Glee

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It is a winter Wonderland!  I even took kitten, aka. Lord Vader, outside with a leash to give him the experience of being in the snow. I’m glad I made it back with groceries so we don’t have to worry about being snowed in. We have the fire going all day and work is slow…. More