The Rabbits aren’t Pooping

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Me: The rabbits aren’t pooping every where. JH: I don’t even know what that means. Me: In Minecraft. It’s not poop. JH: It’s dust Me: Kicked up dirt I guess. Why didn’t you tell me if you knew? JH: I liked it better when you thought it was poop. ‪#‎Minecraftconversations‬ ‪#‎IfeellikeTheBloggess


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A little pre-drink before the play “Emma”, by Jane Austen.

Christmas Shopping or Irish Pub

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What do you do when you planned to do some Christmas shopping but the mall gets evacuated? Head to the pub, of course!

Minecraft Team

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Today was my first day on the Minecraft Team. Everyone is so nice! What a great first day back at work. I enjoyed my two years off to write a novel, and now I can do both…work in video games and publish!

Seagulls do Fly at Night

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Just for the record, seagulls do fly at night. I Googled it. Nothing to see here. ‪#‎revising

Whiskey and Revising

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I am about to read chapter nine of my book out loud…and just realized how weird it is to have Nick Offerman staring at me while I do this. #authorlife #amrevising