Folklife Festival in Seattle

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Who knew there would be gun shots? And people wounded? I wasn’t expecting that kind of excitement when I posted up on Facebook looking for an adventure…granted the gun shooting I thought would happen in Gig Harbor at the sporting club. Little did I know my day would bring together several high school friends, an… More

Robin and Jeff’s Wedding

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The wedding was beautiful. Weather held and the farm expansive, green grass, flowers blooming, and the sun shining. Everyone looked so smart in their tuxes and bridesmaid dresses. Robin was glowing with happiness, such a gorgeous bride. We had a lot of fun dancing, some more than others, yeah I’m talking about you Amy. I… More

Our Friends

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Got a chance to hang out with our friends – so excited to spend some time wtih them. Dinner at their place, which is always lovely. We need to schedule more time again soon.

Loss of Time

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Bummer, but still don’t have time for myself to write, or even post as often as I would like to the blog. Things will slow down eventually and I’ll be able to focus on my side projects. For the month of May I will not be working on Geek Girl Women in Gaming Panel –… More