Staring at the Ceiling and Talking in my Head

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Sorry for the gap in posts. There hasn’t been much to report, other than staring at the ceiling is more palatable when you have various colors painted on the walls. It’s true. Our old place drove me crazy with pure white. So before moving into the new place we painted. The living room is gorgeous with accent walls and the arch painted in subtle but classic neutral (mud grey, light/warm grey for the arch, and main walls a cappuccino color). With the dark wood floors it’s striking. Don’t take my word for it, ask anyone who comes over. So far they all seem to agree. It’s been a life saver, I tell you, to be able to lie in one direction on the couch with my leg propped up and staring at the ceiling looking at how the pretty colors meet…and then turning the other direction and having something new to look at. Such is life with a broken leg. My point made on why the gap in posts.


Some good news today on the writing front. As I lay awake early this morning I wrote a scene in my head. Sometimes this happens, where unbidden my characters are before me in minds eye having conversations. This is an indication my creativity is back! Such exciting new to me…I haven’t written anything in almost two months, so this is a big step!

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