FreeThinking Artist

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Look at this amazing artwork I found! David Askew held an art show in a little gallery near my favorite beach. I stumbled upon his work and loved, and bought a few pieces. Please follow him on instagram: freethinkingart68


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Welcome! I’m so happy you found your way here. This is my personal website that has a mishmash of content: writing, life, video games. It’s all part of who I am. Oh and lots of pictures of coffee. If you are looking for my books please sign up for my newsletter which goes out monthly…. More

GDC March 2023

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What’s not to love about staying in San Francisco and attending GDC? What an amazing event this year. So much VR affiliated products to tryout. I think my favorite was finding the old Duck Hunt video game. My pictures don’t do it justice. Hope I get an opportunity to attend next year. Plus I get… More

Collage at Work

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You may have to click on the title to see the picture. We made collages during work as a team building exercise. Pretty fun! Snoop Dogg is on mine because I admire how he has reinvented himself and stayed relevant. It’s impressive. I also have a pineapple. For anyone who loves Psych the tv show… More

Don’t give the Fae ideas

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I chose a different kind of “welcome” mat. I don’t want to give the fae or vampires any ideas…

Halloween Costume

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Click title to see my favorite Halloween Costume. It’s silly and not as elaborate as some I’ve done – like full vampire with gothic gown, or the day of dead skull face paint. That’s okay I still like my clever blend of Egyptian wig and cat, because they just seem to go together don’t you… More

Valkyrie Trailer

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Today Respawn released the first trailer introducing my first full character on Apex Legends: Valkyrie It’s been such a blast to see the development of this character, everything from bio/background, to model, rigging, animation, MoCap, VO, etc. and see how it all comes together. YouTube link will work if you click in to the title… More

Microgravity University & NASA

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I’m excited and nervous to speak with university students going through a NASA program called the NASA SUIT CHALLENGE. The reason I was chosen as one of the speakers was for my experience in Mixed Reality – HoloLends and Ocular/Gear VR work. Here is the link to their program

Interview on YouTube with Me

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I’m on YouTube! An interview about my career in video games… I WAS SO NERVOUS

Who has happenstance as part of their auto correct? Click title to see text

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Who has happenstance as part of their auto correct except me?! 🤣 My text with a friend