Get it done without spending time or money

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If I could invent a way to get things done without spending time or money – I’d be the richest girl in the world. Unfortunately that’s just not possible…YET. If I could invent a time machine…well then…you could get things done and get your time back! Why am I moaning about this, you ask. Truth… More

Panel Planning

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I might have missed the boat for Geek Girl Con – a bit late on submitting my panel. Doh. My bad. Next year I’m thinking about a panel generated of women who’ve all left the comfy nest of larger video game companies to do their own thing – and pursue their own dream. Would any… More

Janice Hardy – I

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For several years now I’ve been working on a novel. Also been on twitter. So I started following authors, people who know what they are doing because they are published…while I am still wandering around in the wilderness of finishing my first attempt at a book! Janice Hardy is one of those lovely authors (most… More

Work in Progress

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I am  on chapter 17 of my novel. Took a hard stop and decided to scrutinize my plot and various subplots. This has been more difficult than I initially would have thought. I’m also devising what system my world uses for magic. I figure as the author, I should at least understand the basic rules… More

Pay it Forward – particularly in jobs

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I spent a great deal of time this past week helping others with their interviewing skills, resume skills, and cover letter writing and responses. I happen to have a lot of friends currently looking for jobs. Either they want something new, or where they were at suddenly pulled the rug. I am more than happy… More

Enjoyed the Sunshine and Water

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Got together with my old team, love these ladies! We went out on the boat and enjoyed the sunshine and water. Here are some pics of the fun.

Space Alert

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Last night met up with friends and played this game for the first time: Space Alert It’s a cooperative save the ship, omg aliens are attacking, board game. It’s a bit complex to get the rules down, but after  few times playing through it was so much fun I can’t wait to play again.

Getting Shit Done

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Today not only did I get to have lunch with my old team – but I made phone calls, set up auto payments, went to the bank, and figured out some book shit. I’d say today was a good day. Plus I need to head out into the sunshine shortly and walk my dog.

Coffee and Lunch

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Last week and this week catching up with a lot of friends. It’s been nice. Right now at Starbucks brainstorming fun ways to live life!