Nutcracker kind of Holiday

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I’m excited for this coming weekend. I’m taking my mom, sister, and niece to Queen Mary High Tea and following to a performance of the Nutcracker. I’ve heard wonderful things about the Nutcracker and since my niece is eleven I hope she enjoys it as a special family event. She likes the Queen Mary since… More

My Dad’s Birthday

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Today is my dad’s birthday. I won’t write too much since we still have to get ready for guests, but I wanted to acknowledge him. He passed away many years ago, but I always think of him on his birthday and many times throughout the year. Loved him greatly and miss him much. I’ll write… More

Game Play Differences

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I am driving JH nuts with my game play. First of all my camera does swing a bit wild (look at sky, look at ground, move 90 degrees left, etc). I won’t admit it to him but I realize I am rusty. Duh. I don’t play games all the time, not like most of the… More

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Elder Scrolls Anticipation

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Can’t wait for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim to come out. I have been waiting two years for this game, so I’ve already told JH to buck up and prep the Man Cave for him to hang out in once this comes out. I’ll be taking over the main TV in the living room. I know… More

Trick-o-Treat Watching

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On Halloween day (Oct 31st) we went back to Amy and Mark’s for trick-o-treat watching, apparently a lot of kids come to their door. Mark goes all out decorating the porch with crazy animatronics, fog machine, and creepy graveyard items. JH was dressed with his mortuary overalls and scary mask with skeletal gloves on his… More