Synonym for Wicked

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Wouldn’t the Wicked Witch of the East be pleased? As I looked up synonym for wicked on MS Word: Good Great Terrific Cool Fabulous Fab Fantastic And last, but not least, Impressive.

New Machine New Poem

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Inspired by Sherman Alexie the first thing I wrote on my new laptop was a poem. I just might publish poetry yet. It just occurred to me that may not be the first thing most other folks do with their machines. Some of my favorite poets: Sherman Alexie Pablo Neruda John Donne W.B Yeats Christina… More

Cocktail Weenies

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I can’t help but love the creativeness of this add. It makes me want to think up new ones. Click on the title to see the picture.

Writing Critique Group

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Experienced my first meet with the new writing critique group. All the ladies are lovely people and provide insightful, challenging, feedback. We decided to meet every other week to read through the first third of our novels, and refine them. Already there is a scene I may scrap based on feedback. A charming character and scene I… More

Sherman Alexie has new poetry!

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There is one writer whose readings I don’t like to miss. I scan through the Stranger each week in the Readings section for his name. Sherman Alexie. Always entertaining, my favorite were the readings of his poems. For a while that was all he read, then he decided he was sick of reading them. I don’t… More

Lesson in Female Futility

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Hair and weight, two elusive concepts for women. Maybe not all women, maybe just the ones I know. For years I’ve tried to get the perfect cut. Once in a while, it happens. A joyous moment, brief as the hair grows out. Even to return to the same hairdresser doesn’t guarantee a repeat style. It’s not the hairdresser’s fault…. More

Emergency Supply List

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Just typed up an emergency supply list which I had clipped out of a newspaper a while back. All kinds of good ideas and it’s nice to know we have five items out of the thirty. Well, it’s one step closer right? I also typed up a list of restaurants I want to go to,… More

Official Up in this Place

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Woot! JH is working on my business cards which will match the site. I’m so excited. Now I can network officially.