Yesterday spent the day in the pool. Love that my brother invited me to hang out for the day. California is super fun because of the sunshine.

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Sunday Morning

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Just enjoying a slow Sunday morning. Coffee, TikTok, and good book. 


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The month of March is a special one. I know so many people who have birthdays in March. So it was fun when I was able to go to visit family in Oregon and celebrate with them. A pizza party, some Oculus play, and board games. It’s been a LONG time since I experienced anything… More

Grateful for Sunshine

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Love my new place where the morning sun filters in through large windows, and where my balcony has sun from 10:00am to noon. I’m in a new place where I’ve bought flowers and plants! It’s exciting, but also scary because I am terrible at keeping green things alive. Any recommendations on plants I should consider… More

Middle of a Move

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Thoughts I’ve had during this move.  Wow, this apartment is so big…I’m lonely.  Look, stuff I haven’t seen for two years, awwww.  Look, stuff I haven’t seen for two years. Why do I have this?  Look stuff I haven’t seen…um…my goodness…how much stuff does one person need? Do I like this new rug? I love… More

Most Liked Post – my cat

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If you click on the title of this post, it will open to show the picture. I agree, he is adorable. I mean, look at those toes! 

Nothing beats mince pies…except…

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Nothing beats mince pies and coffee for breakfast…except maybe sausage rolls. It’s a tough one to choose between.

Don’t Steal My Cart!

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What I have learned during pandemic. I don’t like people. Especially the ones who pull their mask down to cough a lot or sneeze. I really don’t like you. And the ones that steal my shopping cart at TJ Maxx. There is a special place for you. Go get a cart from the entrance! Don’t… More


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When you don’t have junk food in the house but you eat your gummy vitamins like candy.

Enjoying coffee at French Cafe

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Enjoying a cappuccino at a local french cafe. They have the BEST pastries here. It feels good to be out.