Days like this: Ouch

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When things like this would happen and my dad was around…he’d grumble something to the effect “glad I helped paid for you to go to college.” Today My eyes: ouch, why do you keep poking me? Me: Why can’t I get these damn contacts out? My eyes: You wore glasses all day dumbass. Me: …

Will I regret this? Oh, yes, yes I will.

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Click on title to see the pics…


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I don’t think they are referring to the characters having fortitude to live out in the far reaches of the north. More like, do viewers have the fortitude to watch it. Unbelievable. First time I’ve EVER seen Jonhenry have to fast forward through a murder/gory scene. 😳 it’s a good thing I had my eyes… More


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A little pre-drink before the play “Emma”, by Jane Austen.

Christmas Shopping or Irish Pub

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What do you do when you planned to do some Christmas shopping but the mall gets evacuated? Head to the pub, of course!

Thanks to all the Vets…including my Dad

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Miss my dad very much. I think of him every November.

Date Night Twitter Posts

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Click on title to see pic. The type of tweets I post:

Halloween 2015 Angle vs. Devil

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Pam hosts a great Halloween party. She also can tempt with the best of have fun!

Toe Update

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Broken toe is mending. It still hurts when I curl it. That is all.

Uh Oh Broken Toe

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Broke my toe this evening. Click on the title of post to see the picture.