Blood and Chocolate

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YA book “Blood and Chocolate” was this month’s book club pick with Gail Carriger. I thought about writing a review, but honestly Gail’s review is better informed and more articulate than what I would have written. Check out her review on Goodreads. Enjoy!


Oh – one side┬ánote – don’t watch the movie. I hear it’s terrible and the book is better.


If you are curious about my thoughts – here are a few tidbits.


  • I bought this for me and my niece to read together – she is almost fourteen and really enjoyed the book. An accomplishment considering she does not like to read.
  • Vivian’s sexual nature was a bit jarring at first, until I accepted the wolf/animal instinct as part of her character. Then it made sense. I don’t think teenagers are quite that lusty, despite what our culture tells us. Yes, they are ready to explore sex…but more often than not are nervous and anxious about it, while Vivian seemed full steam ahead.
  • I liked the continued conflict Vivian had regarding duty to family and her pack verses figuring out who she wanted to be. This seems like something all teenagers can relate to growing up. Especially if the home environment is broken. Often times kids have to take on responsibilities well before they should. Vivian did the best she could with what she had…isn’t this like life?



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