Halloween Costume

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Click title to see my favorite Halloween Costume. It’s silly and not as elaborate as some I’ve done – like full vampire with gothic gown, or the day of dead skull face paint. That’s okay I still like my clever blend of Egyptian wig and cat, because they just seem to go together don’t you… More

First TikTok Video Post

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I did my first TikTok video. Why do I look so terrible? It’s because I decided to jump all in even though I had just woken up for the morning, make-up smudged, and hair a mess. Why not? This way all videos following will be an upgrade. hahahaha my video is for those coffee lovers!… More

Writing Journey

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Writing Journey   I’ve been writing for over ten years. And up until now no published work to show for it…YET. I started with a fantasy story which I wrote in bits and pieces on weekends when I could squeeze it in. After a year of this, I had a solid first draft. I thought, why not quit… More