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I have the hiccups. That is all.

Last Day @ Microsoft Xbox

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Turned in my laptop today. After 10 years it was time to move on. Time to focus on my novel. Time for me. I will always love the work I did, and the people I met. I learned a lot. Told a friend today it feels like graduation from high school. I know I’ll go… More

Summer Fun Coming Soon

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Looking forward to this summer with lots of activities with family. Kim’s son is coming to stay for 2 weeks to attend DigiPen, and then the rest of her family will arrive the second week to hang out. We will play Rock Band titles, go to the beach, BBQ, play other video games, and board… More

Strip Search

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Look I know I’ve KNOWN about Strip Search, but I haven’t watched it…until NOW. While I know Jerry and Mike I thought it would be weird to watch them in a video format. Awkward, like peering in your neighbor’s windows even if they left the blind open on purpose. So I avoided it. Then today… More

My fridge stinks!

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My fridge stinks but I’ve decided to ignore it. I’m writing and focused. Or maybe I’m taking a nap. Either way, the fridge will be ignored until I can get to it. You see, even though I’ve had plenty of time to write I find household chores sucking the grains of sand away. They have… More