What does it feel like to be an author?

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I have an author page on Amazon and Goodreads. It’s official. I’m published. Why did I think I’d suddenly ascend into a glowing ball of sparkly light? After many years struggling towards this moment, why is it that today just feels like any other day? Is this what actress/movie stars feel when they win an… More

Dream Come True

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I’ve done it. I’m a published author. It’s a bit weird and surreal. The oddest part is I never dreamed it would be with a poetry book. All these years I’ve been working on my fantasy trilogy. Who knew? Also, the poetry is a bit more personal and I’ve really put myself out there. Well,… More

Publishing Journey – the paperback

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I love that my first book is an intimate journey through my experiences of the pandemic. I’m glad most of it has a hopeful vibe. While in the beta stage, my friend, after reading it, asked if she could publish it. I was over the moon. We would learn more about the publishing business together…. More


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