Stephen King – On Writing

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At first I was reluctant to read Stephen King’s book on writing. “Kill your darlings” people were telling me, “Adverbs are bad” they would say while quoting his book. Pfft. I didn’t want to kill anything and I relied on my adverbs. My god, how would I write without them? Is he crazy? I’m not… More


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Nothing like playing Cards Against Humanity to get to know your in-laws. Thanksgiving diner was promptly followed by several rounds of CAH. Tears and laugher until a headache developed. Good times had by all.

Console War 2013

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It wouldn’t be unheard of for me to express my opinion and lots of people disagree.¬†The Halo 2 trailer underwhelmed me and I complained in a discussion forum…where upon someone told my manager I should be shot/killed for my opinion. ¬†Granted, I wasn’t aware of the I love bees marketing stint, and the whole thing… More

I’m back!

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Site is working again.