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Love Across the Stars is available on Amazon and other online stores.

Distance, Dating, Destiny. The story of searching for love, finding it, and holding on to it. As the relationship deepens, follow a couple’s story through a captivating collection of poems where they get to know each other. They part ways. They meet again. Theirs is a love separated by distance, but held together with hope.


Reviewers said: 

“Love Across the Stars is both a hauntingly lovely and humorous collection of poems. Weaving timeless themes (loneliness, longing, fear of unrequited love, the fierce joy of mutual love) with relatable modern touches (video games, memes, airplanes), the poetic narrative of long-distance love keeps the reader turning the pages, and wanting more.” – Amazon reviewer


“Chenelle’s writing poignantly captures dualities of falling in love; dopamine-fueled magical realism and crushing melancholy…Whether flourishing or enduring heartache, Chenelle’s words carry a sense of optimism towards whatever the future holds: “This lengthened shadow, that roughened tree, lead me onward. And faster I run. To the heart of darkness, or the brightest sun.” – Amazon reviewer


“A most uplifting book of poetry. What I loved about this collection of poetry, is the story they tell. Very different from a lot of poetry books.”  – Amazon reviewer




The Year We Stopped: Poems is available on Amazon and other online stores. 


Unaware, Languish, Hope. Bremont’s poems tell her story of moving to a beachside studio right before lockdowns and protests began in Santa Monica, California. Her poems are often about nature and touch upon love, loss, and more. Themes of the beach, sand, and waves will uplift your spirits.


Reviewers said: 

“A relatable yet personal series of moments that can help inspire & relax. My favorite part was seeing the dates on most of the poems, which begins shortly before the pandemic and then proceeds through it – this is where the relatability comes in. This is a great book for the coffee table or bedside for it’s easy to read and provides opportunities for quick consumption of one poem at a time.”  – Amazon reviewer


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Magic Bound: Tinkar’s Adventures Book 1

A 16 year old comes into her magical powers that are out of control, she needs to learn how to control her magic and fast before someone is hurt or worse. But will she succeed when her own mentor hates her, her love betrays her, and the price of controlling her powers is too high?