Find the Chief – Aaron Douglas

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Today I got to meet Aaron Douglas at The Elephant & Castle in Seattle. Pretty cool that he arranged a pub crawl for fans to meet him, and for donations towards a charity.

Don’t Hire a Cat to be your Accountant

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Click on title of article to see cat photos!

Writing Update – After the Conference – What now?

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Writing Update for those interested: I have four agents and two editors interested in my story, enough so, they want me to send my first 50 pages for them to read. After attending the conference and gaining some fantastic material on how to revise, and what to avoid in the opening of a novel…I am… More

No Sugar, Again.

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Well, once again I’ve decided to cut out sugar. At least this time my oldest brother is doing it with me. We can text each other encouragement, and moan and groan about watching others enjoying their desserts. Today I went to a Chocolate Factory. Yup, and didn’t taste a single blasted bit of chocolate. It… More

Unicorn Lamp

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Giant Unicorn Lamp. Do you want it?

The Things You Learn – Flower Arrangements

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I fess up. I’ve never arranged flowers before. Sure, I’ve plunked some into a vase, but pull the bouquet apart and rearrange it, never. After five hours of elbow deep flower arranging, I am confident I could do it in my sleep. I even learned a few secret tricks. Okay, maybe not secret if you… More

Flowers from Pike Place Market

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I love spending my summers in the early morning hours at Pike Place Market. Especially if I get to pick up a bunch of flowers. This week I’m on a mission: Pick up flowers to use in arrangements at a wedding. More on that later.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – the Movie!

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It’s coming. There is no safe place. Literature + Zombies + Movies. I can’t decide if it’s going to be a train wreck, or spectacular. Which means regardless I can’t look away. Check it out here.

What They Crave

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In library and picked up a cookbook. But as I flipped through was having trouble finding pictures of the dishes…