Valkyrie Trailer

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Today Respawn released the first trailer introducing my first full character on Apex Legends: Valkyrie It’s been such a blast to see the development of this character, everything from bio/background, to model, rigging, animation, MoCap, VO, etc. and see how it all comes together. YouTube link will work if you click in to the title… More

Microgravity University & NASA

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I’m excited and nervous to speak with university students going through a NASA program called the NASA SUIT CHALLENGE. The reason I was chosen as one of the speakers was for my experience in Mixed Reality – HoloLends and Ocular/Gear VR work. Here is the link to their program

Interview on YouTube with Me

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I’m on YouTube! An interview about my career in video games… I WAS SO NERVOUS

Who has happenstance as part of their auto correct? Click title to see text

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Who has happenstance as part of their auto correct except me?! 🤣 My text with a friend  

I love converse shoes

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Click title to see the picture. These are my favorite type of shoes, I wear them all the time. They are the dress code of video game industry!     

Me and my buddy

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Click on the title to see the picture of me and my cat just hanging out. 

My Cat’s Expressions

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My cat is so funny. He always has such great expressions. He’s really made life during the pandemic bearable.   

Beach Walk in February – click title to see picture

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Beach Walk – got to see this picture. I feel so lucky to live near the beach, a part of the beach where not many people go. It never feels crowded, unless it’s a major holiday.

Valentine’s Day

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A Pandemic Valentine’s Day can still be a good day. Got coffee beans from gget, went for a walk, and had one of my favorite people make me coffee.


Happy New Year – open post to see Animal Crossing Celebration!

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Happy New Year Everyone! I got to celebrate in a safe distance virtual New Year’s Eve party in Animal Crossing with family and friends! So much fun!