Creative Writing Groups and Why You Should Be in One

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Excited. In 2 weeks hosting a panel @PNWA Con! Topic: Writer Critique Groups and Why You Should Be in One. July 28th 3pm. ‪#‎PNWA16‬

Days like this: Ouch

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When things like this would happen and my dad was around…he’d grumble something to the effect “glad I helped paid for you to go to college.” Today My eyes: ouch, why do you keep poking me? Me: Why can’t I get these damn contacts out? My eyes: You wore glasses all day dumbass. Me: …

Angelique The Marquise of the Angels: Sergeant Golon

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Total paperback romance/adventure series. Written by a French couple. My mother had read them when she was 18yrs old…saved them if she should ever have a daughter…when I was 16 came across them in a box in the garage. Fell in love with the protagonist. She was a feisty strong female. I’m not saying this… More

Game Developer Barbie!

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Great article! So excited to see more of this type of encouragement for young girls! Encouragement and role models for girls in the Game Developer Barbie.

Julie Butcher’s post on editing advice

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My friend Julie posted this on her Facebook: On Editing Manuscripts and Other Things That Suck—Part One -Part 1: 9 Things to think about before you see your copy editor. Courtesy of Julie Butcher, Miss Snark & Richard Shealy.

Will I regret this? Oh, yes, yes I will.

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Click on title to see the pics…

Yup. It’s the simple joys and Chewbacca’s laugh…

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My brother sent this to me. I definitely need one of these… Candace Payne – It’s the simple joys

Shakespeare Sharing

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My life is complete. Txt between my niece and me, where she asks me to read Shakespeare with her. Life is good!

Minecraft on Gear VR – I worked on this!

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So exciting to have this release. The team I worked with is top-notch, and I loved every minute of it. The best, is sharing it with family and friends and their excitement of playing in virtual reality mode. Minecraft Gear VR version, check it out!

Retro Pop NAMU

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I love the bags, t-shirts, and sweatshirts, etc. at my friend’s etsy shop! She also attends many of the conferences in Seattle. Click on post title to get the link to her page on etsy. Lot’s of people ask me where I got my bag…now you can get one too! Retro Pop NAMU