Bad Assery

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Take note 2017. I plan to be a badass. Starting early with my Xmas mug. One of my favorite gifts this year.

Holiday Cactus ?!

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Of course, can’t have Christmas without the Holiday Cactus!

I totally want the temp tats!

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A fun Christmas list for readers!

All I got…cat cuteness

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To see what I’ve got click on title. For some reason my site doesn’t include my pics on the front page…I promise, there is a cute cat pic waiting for you.

Halloween 2016

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My friend hosted a fantastic Halloween party. Open to see all the pics!

iZombie + Wine = The Best

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Sooooo, if there is no big storm hitting my area…Is it okay to still drink a bottle of wine by myself? Asking for a friend. Also, I’m watching iZombie.

Minecon 2016 Fun!

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Having so much fun at Minecon. Love to see all the people who love the game Minecraft. It’s a privilege to be a part of it.

Handy or not. I know now.

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Being on my own is tougher than I thought. Hanging up drapes is tricky. Who knew that when you use the drill you should go slow. I slammed it and stripped at least four screws before I finally had to ask. Drapes are up. And now it’s time for wine.

SAM or No Man’s Sky

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Living the life…

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Living the life…