How D&D helps me write

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Tomorrow will be my first attempt to DM a game of Dungeon & Dragons. For almost a month I’ve prepared in various ways which translate to my writing. I’ve had to world build…everything from the world itself, to towns, cities, forests, mountain regions, etc. I’ve had to become descriptive so when the players enter a… More

Mary Sue Headache

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Sure, I want to avoid a Mary Sue, and I want to write a character I enjoy. What the heck people? According to this post it seems that every combination of anything written can be categorized as a Mary Sue or plugged as a trope…unless it’s as real of a person as possible. I guess…. More

Wine and Tea Benefits. YES I WIN

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Okay, full transparency, I’ve been trying to improve my health for the past five years. I’ve juiced, exercised (yoga, Zumba, and long walks), and even quit sugar for stretches of time. But to be told I can drink two glasses of wine per day to improve my heart and health overall, and if I drink… More