About Author

Chenelle Bremont is a Pacific Northwest author living in Southern California with her opinionated black cat. She has been writing since she could tell stories and spent most of her middle and high school years devouring science fiction and fantasy books. With a long career in video games and a Bachelor of Arts in literature, she writes in between shipping great game titles. She is a multi-genre writer who writes fantasy and poetry.

Chenelle Bremont has worked with a variety of distinguished publishers and developers throughout her video game career, including but not limited to: Bethesda (Skyrim), and Harmonix (Rock Band ), Minecraft, and EA/Respawn (Apex Legends). She is currently working at Meta on Oculus VR. 

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Preorder for Love Across the Stars, a love poetry book. It tells the story of searching for love, finding it, and holding on to it.

Her first poetry book The Year We Stopped: Poems is available now on Amazon

The Disclaimer: This is my PERSONAL blog/website. While I’ve worked at Microsoft, EA, and Meta, I do not represent the views of any corporation, all posts, views, thoughts are my own. What I like or don’t like is my own and in no way represents Xbox, Respawn, EA or Meta as a public face, nor am I a public face for any of the products or brands at Microsoft, EA or Meta. You have been informed.