Who am I? I am a geek girl who loves technology but I am not a developer. My two passions are literature and video games. I’ve been reading Sci-fi/Fantasy since middle school. While my interest in video games came later in life, I have been in the industry for almost a decade. I enjoy yoga, movies, and new recipes. My friends are wonderful real people and my family a great blessing. I live with a mischievous little black cat named, Lord Vader.

The Disclaimer: This is my PERSONAL blog/website. While I’ve worked at Microsoft and EA, I do not represent the views of any corporation, all posts, views, thoughts are my own. What I like or don’t like is my own and in no way represents Xbox, Respawn, or EA as a public face, nor am I a public face for any of the products or brands at Microsoft or EA. You have been informed.