Chenelle’s roots began as a lowly Padawan in Xbox. She has worked with a variety of distinguished publishers and developers in the video game industry over the past ten years including but not limited to: Bethesda (Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim), and Harmonix (Rock Band ), and Minecraft. She is currently working at Respawn on Apex Legends.

She has two completed books: “Hope & Languish: Poems”, and a fantasy book releasing in the spring.

Hope & Languish: Poems is a book about the first year of the pandemic in California told through the eyes of one person.

Her first full novel, Wingbound, is also complete. Tinkar, a seventeen year old, comes into her magical powers that are out of control. She needs to learn how to control them fast, but will she succeed when her own mentor hates her, her love betrays her, and the price for controlling her powers is too high?

The Disclaimer: This is my PERSONAL blog/website. While I’ve worked at Microsoft and EA, I do not represent the views of any corporation, all posts, views, thoughts are my own. What I like or don’t like is my own and in no way represents Xbox, Respawn, or EA as a public face, nor am I a public face for any of the products or brands at Microsoft or EA. You have been informed.