Twitter is like coming home

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Thanks to The Bloggess post today I was reminded to go visit Twitter. Hadn’t been in for a while, but it felt like seeing old friends. it’s nice to catch up to the chatter and to post something back just to let them know I’m not dead.

The Pod Party Reunion

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Had a great party last night. We called it the Pod Party Reunion. When I joined this new group at work, for the first few months I sat with a strange mix of people. By strange I don’t mean the people were strange (although some of us could be called that) I mean that most… More

FitBit frustration

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I’ve used other tracking systems before and thought I’d enjoy using fitbit. While it is slim and provide quick feedback on my steps…the UI for the dashboard is frustrating. The number one thing I want to see front and center is my damn steps. how many did I get today, how does that compare to… More

This just happened: everyday workouts

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I love my team I work with, and I’ve mentioned it before. Now I love them even more. How is that possible, you ask. Well it goes something like this…last week my manager decided we needed a health challenge. I think she is the competitive type, and also needs encouragement and wanted to get back… More

Picture Day – not like you remember

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We had a picture day event at work today. Our organization decided it would be a good idea to get some pictures of everyone to help people feel good about being part of the team/org and to have some fun! It was definitely not your typical school picture. People were bringing in props to personalize… More

Dale Carnegie

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I’m taking the Dale Carnegie course this month and it’s been a life changer. Really. It is providing me with life long skills in communication which have been applied to my personal life as well as work. I highly recommend it.