Lunch with PopCap Ladies

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Our panel discussion at Emerald City Comi Con is coming up at the end of March. Met up for lunch with two awesome ladies from PopCap, they will be part of the panel. Sophia and Connie were lovely company, and hearing their stories and experience was a special treat. I can’t wait for folks to… More

Fixed Up Mom’s Place

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OMG, my mom is a hoarder. I didn’t realize it until all the kids got together to fix up her place. She has been in the hospital for back surgery and then at rehab center, but now in order to be released to come home they need to do an inspection to make sure her… More

James and Heather

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Went house hunting in the morning. Saw four places and none of them were remotely purchaseable. This might be more difficult than I thought. In the evening got together for dinner with one of my favorite couples. Thanks for dinner James and Heather! Can’t wait to hang out again soon.

Pink Papaya Spa & Cocktail Party

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I love me some Pink Papaya! This is a cosmetic line that you purchase during a home event, similar to scentsy candles or Tupperware parties. But with this, you get to try samples of make-up and be all girly. Now, I don’t wear make-up that much…as a matter of fact due to all my allergy… More

Prequalified for a Castle

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Hot Damn! We are getting prequalified to purchase a home. Initial number crunching and our loan person said with our credit, we could afford a castle. Hey, wait a minute…isn’t this how the world got into this mess in the first place? Affording a castle…I don’t think so! We still have to eat, pay for gas,… More

Usual D&D Shenanigans

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We had our usual D&D shenanigans this Monday. I’ve been playing a campaign for almost four years now, every other Monday (except through the Christmas Holiday time frame – games get cancelled). We have a party of six, plus our DM. I tell you, there are so many stories I can’t remember them all…but my… More

Watching The Walking Dead

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Once in a while we get together with friends and catch up on all The Walking Dead episodes. Zombie watching as a way to unwind. At first I was disappointed with second season, seemed to drag on a bit. JH summed it up, “Sometimes I feel like I’m watching a blend of Lifetime drama with Zombie Apocalyptic… More

Panel Discussions Coming

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I am so excited I have some fun events coming up. First I have Emerald City ComiCon – and have a panel discussion on Sunday April 1st, “Women in Gaming” – then I am also hoping to have a panel for Geek Girl Con. Today I attended the Geek Girl Con All-Hands event in Ballard and… More

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day! JH was planning on coming to work for lunch, but had to reschedule for Friday. I have partners in town and a lunch meeting I can’t reschedule. Boo. Although I do enjoy seeing my partners I was hoping for a romantic lunch mid-day.

Job Interview Prep

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I have to prep for a job interview! I wasn’t looking to jump positions within MS, but had lunch with an old acquaintance and as we were catching up found out my skill set matches a position she is hiring for…turns out I’m going to interview for it. I am nervous. It’s been five years… More