Fallout 4 and Bears

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JH (playing Fallout 4) : What’s this? Zooms in on sign that says “Don’t feed the bears” uh okay. (Spots bear in distance, shoots at bear.) Me: um, you remember bears in Skyrim, right? JH: (struggling to take bear down) What? Huh. Stunted! Wow. (More shotgun blasts to bears head and it’s still attacking) Me:… More

Thanks to all the Vets…including my Dad

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Miss my dad very much. I think of him every November.

Date Night Twitter Posts

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Click on title to see pic. The type of tweets I post:

Protagonist Gender – does it matter?

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It’s an interesting exercise…can the main protagonist swap gender or race, and does the core of your story still work? If yes, then you have a strong character and story! We need more diversity in film and books. GoldiBlox asks this question – check out their video: https://www.facebook.com/goldieblox/videos/955715414499360/

Amazon Opens Physical Book Store

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Can’t wait to check this out. Book covers face out! What does this mean for authors? http://www.theverge.com/2015/11/2/9661556/amazon-books-first-physical-bookstore-opening-seattle