High Five

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Lord Vader (our cat) has caught on to “treat” time. If JH walks over near the book case where all the pet treats are kept he rushed over and waits expectantly. Our dog, Maggy, will do a little trick for her treat – you say “give me high five” and put your hand out in… More

Response to a Blog Post: Peanut butter, chocolate, pizza, and sex

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Interesting post by Carolyn Crane on Word-Whores. (click on my post title to get to the hyperlink) I’ve been reading Sci-Fi/Fantasy for a very long time (since I can remember reading). When I started much of it was over my head, and there has always been sex involved in these genres Sci-Fi and Fantasy even before we started… More

Twelve Year Old Conversations

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I’ve had some interesting conversations with my niece this week. Let me highlight a few: “Hey Auntie, did you know if you get stung by a jelly fish you should pee on the injury?” “Hey Kaylee, did you hear that if you get bit by a cat you should pee on it?” – “I heard… More