Bootleg Party

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My friend is getting married in a few weeks. Her wedding is a 1920’s speakeasy theme! She has these little bottles as giveaways. JH designed a label for her, and we are having a party to stick them onto all the bottles, and then fill them with gin! So, I’m making martinis for all the… More

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This is a FUN site, especially if you want unique gifts for friends and family for Christmas. Good for birthday gifts too! I am having a great time looking and purchasing items even for myself!


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It’s that tme of year when Americans reflect on what they are thankful for…and I have quite a list. Family and friends who are real, my pets who are sweet and loving, a good job that helps me pay the bills with a bit left over for fun, and my significant other, Jonhenry. I am… More

and this just happened

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11.18.12 My new online xmas one stop shopping.

Honoring Women at SAM (Seattle Art Museum)

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This month the Seattle Art Museum unveiled their Wall of Women, honoring women…via submissions and donations. We honored my manager: Deanna Hearns. You can find her name up on the third wall. They also have several exhibits from women artists on display, some that are from Paris/France. Most of it was modern, and I wasn’t… More