Dead Bodies and Blood Spatter? I’m in!

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I’m so excited, I signed up for this online course: Introduction to Forensic Science (To see link make sure you are clicked into full story)   Its not like I’ll be an expert after this course, but it will provide foundational research for detective novels I may write, or even basic understanding of what dead… More

Did I Choose Wisely? POV Blues.

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I’ve been writing more than five years off and on. But only this past year I’ve worked on this novel and had direct instruction on popular fiction style of writing through the University of Washington. The course improved my craft. I know this without a doubt because I’m trying to fix my first four chapters I wrote before attending the writing… More

50 Shades of Grey – Not a big deal

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This week the movie based off the book “50 Shades of Grey” is coming out in theaters. I’ve seen quite a few strongly emotional posts from various Facebook friends regarding the book and the movie. I’m glad I have such a wide range of friends, those who have different views. This makes me think perhaps… More