Writing Panels

July 28th 2016 3:00pm – 4:30pm Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association Conference

Topic: Business: Writer Critique Groups and Why You Should Be in One
Panel: Chenelle Bremont, Taylor Arthur, Shandara Lawson, Ilona Rapp and Jeff Weaver
Location: Cascade 11
Description: This panel of authors will discuss how to start a critique group, examples of structure, communication, coordination and suggested feedback approaches. In addition, critique groups can offer support to improve your submissions to agents and editors, improve writing skills as well as brainstorm ideas for scenes, plotlines, and character development.


July 18th 2015 4:00pm – 5:30pm at Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association Conference


Escaping the Golden Handcuffs: Learn how to leave a successful career at a large company (and why you’d want to!) to pursue your own creative dreams. Come hear a panel of women who spent a decade or more in the video game industry…and for one reason or another left to pursue their own passions. Hear their frightening stories of risk taking, courage, and fortitude, and see what amazing things they are up to now.


Chenelle Bremont


Sci-Fi/Fantasy Debut novel 2017

URL: notquitejaneausten.com

TWITTER: @chenelleb


Chenelle’s roots began as a lowly Padawan in Microsoft Xbox. She has worked with a variety of distinguished publishers and developers in the video game industry over the past ten years including but not limited to: Bethesda (Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim),  and Harmonix (Rock Band and Dance Central titles). She decided to make the jump from corporate rock star to poor starving author and is focusing on publishing her own Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel coming out in 2015.



Tess Jones

Author and Self-Publisher of Yoga for Birth

Non-fiction, released May 2014

EMAIL:  tjones@circleheartbooks.com

URL: circleheartbooks.com

BOOK AVAILABLE FROM THESE SELLERS: createspace.com/4005745 or amazon.com/Yoga-Birth-Meditations-Affirmations-Childbirth/dp/0991537203


Over the course of ten years Tess worked on feature films, video games, and in the interactive space as a project manager for companies such as Warner Bros. Games and Target.com. Originally a film student, her passion for screenwriting drove her to moonlight while working the corporate life to get her screenwriting degree. Later she followed her heart again and took yoga teacher training on the weekends. Combining her love of writing and healthy living, she embraced her independent spirit and decided not to pursue a corporate career but instead to write and self-publish a non-fiction book about yoga. She dreams of growing her own book publishing business and over time expanding it with more books about healthy living choices, and harnessing her corporate skills to create products to better the world. Yoga for Birth is now available from createspace.com or amazon.com.



Roxanne Skelly

CEO/Founder Scribaroo.com

URL: Roxanne@scribaroo.com

TWITTER: @roxanneskelly


Over two decades writing software in the corporate world stood in the way of her dreams, so she left to combine her love of writing and technology by starting her own business.  She’s also working on an urban fantasy when not helping other writers.