Writing Panels

July 28th 2016 3:00pm – 4:30pm Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association Conference

Topic: Business: Writer Critique Groups and Why You Should Be in One
Panel: Chenelle Bremont, Taylor Arthur, Shandara Lawson, Ilona Rapp and Jeff Weaver
Location: Cascade 11
Description: This panel of authors will discuss how to start a critique group, examples of structure, communication, coordination and suggested feedback approaches. In addition, critique groups can offer support to improve your submissions to agents and editors, improve writing skills as well as brainstorm ideas for scenes, plotlines, and character development.

July 18th 2015 4:00pm – 5:30pm at Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association Conference

Escaping the Golden Handcuffs: Learn how to leave a successful career at a large company (and why you’d want to!) to pursue your own creative dreams. Come hear a panel of women who spent a decade or more in the video game industry…and for one reason or another left to pursue their own passions. Hear their frightening stories of risk taking, courage, and fortitude, and see what amazing things they are up to now.e in California during the first year of the pandemic as seen through the eyes of one person.