Protected: Tinkar’s Adventures Chapter Two

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


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It’s raining. The sound of it rushing down from the sky, pelting every exposed surface. Am I standing near a waterfall? Salish Falls comes to mind. It feels like home. The noisy party down the street of people outside yelling and laughing has faded away. Pushed inside because of the downpour. The water speeding to… More

Writing Update

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To keep up to date I recommend you sign up for my newsletter, there is a link at the top of the blog. For now, here is a short version. I’m working on the second novel of my fantasy trilogy. I’ll be holding the first book back from publishing until I have the second book… More

World’s Best Coffee Mug

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for me…a  mug  with  the cover  of  my  book  “Hope  and  Languish”  

What does it feel like to be an author?

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I have an author page on Amazon and Goodreads. It’s official. I’m published. Why did I think I’d suddenly ascend into a glowing ball of sparkly light? After many years struggling towards this moment, why is it that today just feels like any other day? Is this what actress/movie stars feel when they win an… More

Dream Come True

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I’ve done it. I’m a published author. It’s a bit weird and surreal. The oddest part is I never dreamed it would be with a poetry book. All these years I’ve been working on my fantasy trilogy. Who knew? Also, the poetry is a bit more personal and I’ve really put myself out there. Well,… More

Publishing Journey – the paperback

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I love that my first book is an intimate journey through my experiences of the pandemic. I’m glad most of it has a hopeful vibe. While in the beta stage, my friend, after reading it, asked if she could publish it. I was over the moon. We would learn more about the publishing business together…. More


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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Writing Journey

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Writing Journey   I’ve been writing for over ten years. And up until now no published work to show for it…YET. I started with a fantasy story which I wrote in bits and pieces on weekends when I could squeeze it in. After a year of this, I had a solid first draft. I thought, why not quit… More

Book Publishing Research – Poetry

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This previous weekend I picked up in my hands ten different poetry books, looked at their covers, their thickness, their formatting, size, and price. Research!