Writing Journey

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Writing Journey   I’ve been writing for over ten years. And up until now no published work to show for it…YET. I started with a fantasy story which I wrote in bits and pieces on weekends when I could squeeze it in. After a year of this, I had a solid first draft. I thought, why not quit… More

Book Publishing Research – Poetry

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This previous weekend I picked up in my hands ten different poetry books, looked at their covers, their thickness, their formatting, size, and price. Research!

Poetry Book in the Fall

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I’m excited to be pulling together a poetry book that will be published this fall. While my fantasy book IS completed, there are a few more things to be done before that one is published. The poetry book will give me a chance to learn about book covers, formatting, how to work with a publisher,… More

Watch Yourself

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Look, I’m just sayn. Don’t piss off a writer, or you can end up as the clown in a sitcom. We get our own revenge. 

Who has happenstance as part of their auto correct? Click title to see text

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Who has happenstance as part of their auto correct except me?! 🤣 My text with a friend  

Book Two of Sci-Fi/Fantasy Trilogy

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Working on book two of my trilogy! Revising chapter five now…Book one is being shopped around to agents – this may take a while, but if I don’t get an agent then at some point I will digital publish and I expect all of you to buy it. LOL. Kidding, not kidding.

Peace Talks Butcher Style

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Beach reading – Love Jim Butcher and The Dresden Files series. Here is a picture of me and how I read…  

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Pic of Cat Sleeping

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Click on title to see Vader using my laptop as his personal heater! 


I totally want the temp tats!

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A fun Christmas list for readers! https://hellogiggles.com/reviews-coverage/books/book-lover-gifts-that-arent-books/?fbclid=IwAR1TCtiZrjzOM4xY5Qn0gcNN7VjQtuFnlamLKIRDrPbozN2okEW3H1GmiIs

Creative Writing Groups and Why You Should Be in One

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Excited. In 2 weeks hosting a panel @PNWA Con! Topic: Writer Critique Groups and Why You Should Be in One. July 28th 3pm. ‪#‎PNWA16‬