Peace Talks Butcher Style

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Beach reading – Love Jim Butcher and The Dresden Files series. Here is a picture of me and how I read…  

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Pic of Cat Sleeping

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Click on title to see Vader using my laptop as his personal heater! 


I totally want the temp tats!

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A fun Christmas list for readers!

Creative Writing Groups and Why You Should Be in One

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Excited. In 2 weeks hosting a panel @PNWA Con! Topic: Writer Critique Groups and Why You Should Be in One. July 28th 3pm. ‪#‎PNWA16‬

Angelique The Marquise of the Angels: Sergeant Golon

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Total paperback romance/adventure series. Written by a French couple. My mother had read them when she was 18yrs old…saved them if she should ever have a daughter…when I was 16 came across them in a box in the garage. Fell in love with the protagonist. She was a feisty strong female. I’m not saying this… More

Julie Butcher’s post on editing advice

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My friend Julie posted this on her Facebook: On Editing Manuscripts and Other Things That Suck—Part One -Part 1: 9 Things to think about before you see your copy editor. Courtesy of Julie Butcher, Miss Snark & Richard Shealy.

Shakespeare Sharing

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My life is complete. Txt between my niece and me, where she asks me to read Shakespeare with her. Life is good!

Writing Retreat

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Since the new job I haven’t had much time to write. This is super sad. So, to fix it, my writing critique group came up with a great idea. A writing retreat. I can’t wait, it’s coming up fast. I’ll be focused on revision. Hope to get a lot done. One of the members is… More

I’m an Author

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Saw this picture (click on post title to see) and just laughed and laughed. Hit it dead on.


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A little pre-drink before the play “Emma”, by Jane Austen.