Minecraft on Gear VR – I worked on this!

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So exciting to have this release. The team I worked with is top-notch, and I loved every minute of it. The best, is sharing it with family and friends and their excitement of playing in virtual reality mode. Minecraft Gear VR version, check it out!

Retro Pop NAMU

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I love the bags, t-shirts, and sweatshirts, etc. at my friend’s etsy shop! She also attends many of the conferences in Seattle. Click on post title to get the link to her page on etsy. Lot’s of people ask me where I got my bag…now you can get one too! Retro Pop NAMU

Firefly Fan

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I’m a Firefly fan, no doubt. That’s why the past several Emerald City Comic Cons I’ve been willing to spend time in line to get signatures. So far two on this artwork… (click on more to see the artwork) Gina Torres and Nathan Fillion down…several more to go! How amazing to get back from a… More