First TikTok Video Post

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I did my first TikTok video. Why do I look so terrible? It’s because I decided to jump all in even though I had just woken up for the morning, make-up smudged, and hair a mess. Why not? This way all videos following will be an upgrade. hahahaha my video is for those coffee lovers!… More

Beach Walk in February – click title to see picture

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Beach Walk – got to see this picture. I feel so lucky to live near the beach, a part of the beach where not many people go. It never feels crowded, unless it’s a major holiday.

Shadows Beneath – an anthology with behind the scenes

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I’m a couple of weeks into my new class at the UW. It wasn’t what I expected to take this year, but I’m trying to get every bit of learning I can from it. This week I’ll get back a workshop piece I turned in the previous week. Frightening to receive feedback, and yet, is an… More

The Spurs (so I’m told)

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We are moving to a new area – this restaurant while having a dubious menu design – provides amazingly fresh and delicious food.


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I have the hiccups. That is all.

Enjoyed the Sunshine and Water

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Got together with my old team, love these ladies! We went out on the boat and enjoyed the sunshine and water. Here are some pics of the fun.

Gamification Course

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I’m taking my first online course and it is on Gamification. So far I am enjoying the lectures. These are created in a video format in short bursts of 3-10 minutes in length. The topic is interesting to me for a variety of reasons, and I hope to be able to use my knowledge at… More

Diet Soda Dislike

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This is not a rant about the taste of diet soda, although I am sure many a post by others covers that topic. No, that is not what I want to talk about today. Rather, I am unhappy with the effects diet soda has on people and yet the continued way in which it is… More

Bootleg Party

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My friend is getting married in a few weeks. Her wedding is a 1920’s speakeasy theme! She has these little bottles as giveaways. JH designed a label for her, and we are having a party to stick them onto all the bottles, and then fill them with gin! So, I’m making martinis for all the… More

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened Book Club

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I joined the book club, but missed our first meeting tonight! I blame the stairs. I fell carrying an armload of laundry and was so distracted I forgot about the meeting. Then there was the hot-dogs and the phone calls from family…and I completely missed it. Guess it’s time to continue reading until tomorrow when… More