Get it done without spending time or money

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If I could invent a way to get things done without spending time or money – I’d be the richest girl in the world. Unfortunately that’s just not possible…YET. If I could invent a time machine…well then…you could get things done and get your time back! Why am I moaning about this, you ask. Truth is even with all the time available to me to write, I can’t seem to fit it in. Ridiculous! Preposterous! Still somehow true. Life is nefarious in creeping in and taking over: take the clothes to the cleaners, give the dog a bath, do the dishes, fold the laundry, take mother to the doctors, and meet a friend for coffee. All this and more swallows up my time like a huge desert worm consuming sand. I have plans. Lots of plans in how to address this, but still not there yet. Check in on me next week on Thursday. Perhaps by then I will have wrestled the sand worm and riding it to a destination with purpose.

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