FitBit frustration

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I’ve used other tracking systems before and thought I’d enjoy using fitbit. While it is slim and provide quick feedback on my steps…the UI for the dashboard is frustrating. The number one thing I want to see front and center is my damn steps. how many did I get today, how does that compare to yesterday, the past week? I am sure it’s there somewhere, but I don’t feel like I have all the pretty charts and graphs at my fingertips like I do for other apps. So far I’m lukewarm on my tracking. The food options are limited – when I search for something like reese’s peanut butter cups…as soon as I type in reese’s it should be in the drop down list, but it’s not. I have to type in the peanut butter part before it shows up. This makes me think perhaps they don’t have it in the database…when it is really there. My sleep tracking took a while to figure out, but it seems to capture nights worth and then write over the previously uploaded for some reason. Not sure what I am doing wrong but going to try to figure it out tomorrow – after another night sleep. I am going to give this a few more weeks and if it doesn’t improve with experience look for something else to use.

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