This just happened: everyday workouts

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I love my team I work with, and I’ve mentioned it before. Now I love them even more. How is that possible, you ask. Well it goes something like this…last week my manager decided we needed a health challenge. I think she is the competitive type, and also needs encouragement and wanted to get back to eating healthy and exercising. This fit in perfectly with my need to get off my ass and exercise and to slow down on french pasteries for breakfast every morning. My thighs were starting to complain. They don’t really talk, but when they don’t fit into my pants anymore I pretend they are talking to me in a complaining whining voice. It’s annoying so I figure the only way to shut them up is to lose weight and get into shape (as well as into my pants). The gauntlet was thrown down. We had to get 5K steps a day using a tracker and exercise at least 3 days a week. I thought to myself – done & done. That seemed easy enough. The next thing I know we are all signed up for exercise classes at the gym across the street during our lunch hour everyday! Monday Cardio Circut, Tuesday Below the Belt, Wed Zumba, Thursday Yoga, and Friday walking around the track outside. HOLY COW. I thought I was going to count walking the dog in the morning as my exercise. The stakes have been upped. I did Zumba yesterday for the first time and while I was doing more flailing than zumba moves…turns out I love it. And sweated and had rubbery legs afterwards. It was good it shut my thighs up…they were too tired to talk! More to come in the next month.

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