The Pod Party Reunion

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Had a great party last night. We called it the Pod Party Reunion. When I joined this new group at work, for the first few months I sat with a strange mix of people. By strange I don’t mean the people were strange (although some of us could be called that) I mean that most of us didn’t work on the same team…we were a hodge podge of people and skills sets working in an open environment waiting for the “big move” that was going to place us with our teams. Everyone in the Pod was new to the organization within the past 3 months…so had been placed in a temporary setting until the time of the move. It turned out to be a wonderful mix of folks…with lots of fun, good cheer, and endless encouragement. Since we were all in a similar boat (metaphorically) we made the best of it and along the way made some great friends. The big move finally happened and most of us went off to our respective teams…so we had a reunion party last night and it was a blast!

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