Writing Update – After the Conference – What now?

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Writing Update for those interested:

I have four agents and two editors interested in my story, enough so, they want me to send my first 50 pages for them to read.

After attending the conference and gaining some fantastic material on how to revise, and what to avoid in the opening of a novel…I am carefully reviewing my first 50 pages to prepare them for submission to the folks who showed interest.

Today I finished revisions for chapter one! Excellent progress (IMHO), and will strive to continue working 5-10 pages a day until I get through all 50.

Also good news, I have an editor friend who has read the first few chapters and assures me the grammatical state is in good shape. A few minor spots here and there, but nothing glaringly wrong…ultimately she said to feel confident submitting after getting one more pair of eyes on it for grammar.

The wheels are turning. Stay tuned for when my submissions go out…and fingers crossed. It would be lovely to get traditionally published if I can.

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