Mary Sue Headache

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Sure, I want to avoid a Mary Sue, and I want to write a character I enjoy. What the heck people? According to this post it seems that every combination of anything written can be categorized as a Mary Sue or plugged as a trope…unless it’s as real of a person as possible. I guess. At the same time I think back through history, at all the various stories ever written, all the adventure, myths, romance, mystery, and many of these well written stories include characters that are what we could consider trope. Even the male characters. So, what can an author do?


Write what I like (which includes a character with an unusual background, cool abilities, and pleasing physical traits) then take a look at it from fresh perspective and hopefully layer in some human traits if I don’t have enough already included. Flaws. Ability to learn from mistakes. Create characters around my protagonist who have mixed feelings. Basically write the kind of story I like, even if it’s a bit old hat or not what is hip right now. Because at the end of the day, I like my protagonists to kick-ass (even if by the skin of their teeth), fight for what is right (even if they aren’t sure what is right, they try to do it anyway), and searching (actively/reluctantly) for clarity (in themselves and the world around them even if that clarity is a moving target). So Sue me.

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