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I am researching swords for my novel. I am surprised by how many types there are, how each are used, and what scenarios they would be useful in. This makes it difficult to decide what my protagonist will carry. I remember it didn’t take me long to pick out a favorite weapon of hers…in guns. But swords seem to be a different matter. I am even reading discussion forums on swords! I hate forums. Forums are like shopping at a thrift store…so much there…so much potential, but you have to dig through everything to find it. I also hate shopping at thrift stores. My eyes tend to glaze over in the first 30 minutes.  Anyway, back to swords. I want one that is sturdy, good for a fight both as offensive and defensive, not too heavy, and could be used one-handed or two. I’m narrowing it down, but this does feel tricky.

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