PNWA Writing Contest

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Next week I plan to enter into the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association Writing Contest. I don’t expect to win anything, but hope for some good feedback on my story. It will be scary and exciting.

Creative projects can be emotional. There is the opportunity for elation at peaks and deflation during dips. But the important thing is to keep on writing (drawing, singing, dancing, etc.) because movement in any direction means progress. I told JH that a few days ago when he was reflecting and doubting himself on a project, and then he repeated my own words of encouragement back at me when I doubted my writing.

It’s during those times of doubt that support from loved ones, friends, or colleagues who believe in you come in handy. I am fortunate to be surrounded by many people who do just that! I’m past my low point, and hope to cruise along for a while before any more peaks or valleys take me.


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