Console War 2013

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It wouldn’t be unheard of for me to express my opinion and lots of people disagree. The Halo 2 trailer underwhelmed me and I complained in a discussion forum…where upon someone told my manager I should be shot/killed for my opinion.  Granted, I wasn’t aware of the I love bees marketing stint, and the whole thing turned out to be a success. I was wrong. Well, right in that I said the commercial didn’t seem to be targeted to broader audiences (women, children, etc.) but rather to the hardcore gamer…who else would be investigating an alternate reality game?

So please take what I say with a grain of salt, or a pinch of sugar, or whatever will help you to swallow it.

Both consoles are a disappointment to me in design. The boxes are ugly. They look like an appeal to a nostalgic 70’s or 80’s time period where technology had to be big, and boxy, and well, ugly. I get it, most of my friends worked on Xbox One and most of them will have this machine in their living rooms. Sorry guys, just expressing my opinion, similar to someone saying I don’t like the color green (in fact I love green, but you get my point).

If we can create a chip the size of a fingernail with 1 TB of capacity – then can’t we get a more innovate design for our consoles? Why a box, why so big? The truth is somewhere between executives wanting to make money and the time it would take to find answers to the technical challenges in changing the system. It would take time and money to do it. But I feel so ready for something different.

As for the games, from my perspective, there is little to excite me. Nothing at launch that makes me drool, jumping up or down, or squeal. Project Spark  is the closest to piquing my interest.

Sure I’ve played Assassin’s Creed 4 on PS4 and loved it (OMG pirates! Who doesn’t love pirates? Or assassins?).  But then again, probably would have loved it just the same on my Xbox 360 and there would have been less fan noise.

The PS4 is so damn noisy. The fan goes and goes and even when you turn it off it still blows. I hate the noise and if we were dating it would be a deal breaker. But we aren’t dating, we are now living together and see each other everyday. I’m starting to think divorce, lucky for me I don’t have to choose one or the other…I have my sturdy Xbox 360 to fall back on, and could possibly see a future where Xbox One also moves in.

Speaking of Xbox One, I am curious how the Kinect Voice Commands will perform. Truth be told it’s one of the aggravating elephant in our house. My SO and I try to have conversations in the evening when we both are finished with our work for the day. TV is in background, paused, and it never fails, Kinect wants to butt into our conversations. It asks if we want to watch a show, launch an episode, or starts fast forwarding. One time it even responded to a fart. Yes, a fart. I guess that fart sounded like a command? This is our elephant in the room. We both are annoyed but we don’t know what to do, so we discuss it as little as possible.

Will this be more refined, better responding on the Xbox One? I don’t know…I don’t have one yet. If there are any readers who have one, please let us know.



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