Twelve Year Old Conversations

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I’ve had some interesting conversations with my niece this week. Let me highlight a few:

“Hey Auntie, did you know if you get stung by a jelly fish you should pee on the injury?”

“Hey Kaylee, did you hear that if you get bit by a cat you should pee on it?” – “I heard thats true. Next time Kitten bites you, you should ask JH to pee on you.”

“Nuh huh, Auntie, that’s not true”

“Hey, do you think if a jelly fish stung someone and Maggy (our dog) peed on the sting arm that would work too?”

This was a mind blow, who knows if a dog’s pee would work like a humans? And why would that even help? We decided it was worth some scientific discovery.

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