Response to a Blog Post: Peanut butter, chocolate, pizza, and sex

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Interesting post by Carolyn Crane on Word-Whores. (click on my post title to get to the hyperlink) I’ve been reading Sci-Fi/Fantasy for a very long time (since I can remember reading). When I started much of it was over my head, and there has always been sex involved in these genres Sci-Fi and Fantasy even before we started to blend them. Perhaps the sex was from male perspective (a majority of authors in those genres were male that I read), but it was there. As for the booth babes…I do have to say I don’t see them as participating in the culture. It’s rare that a booth babe actually has a passion for, or even understanding, of what they are trying to sell. Most often (historically, maybe this is changing?) they are models who are paid to stand around and be eye candy to draw in customers. Not much of a participation if you ask me. I certainly wouldn’t equate them with an inclusive description for females to these genres/cultures…and that goes for video game and comics as well, not just books. To the main point of Carolyn’s post – I agree – being inclusive is the way to go. Especially in light of many Sci-Fi heros we all like and want to be (Crichton, Mal, Kirk, Obi Wan Kenobi, Dawwidge,etc) who are inclusive in nature and revered for it.

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