Folklife Festival in Seattle

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Who knew there would be gun shots? And people wounded? I wasn’t expecting that kind of excitement when I posted up on Facebook looking for an adventure…granted the gun shooting I thought would happen in Gig Harbor at the sporting club. Little did I know my day would bring together several high school friends, an engaged couple, and a carpenter. Jesus you say? No…but that was nice of you to think it.

Folklife Festival sadly does not have the same level of detailed layout as Bumbershoot. Although we wandered around for several hours I couldn’t hear one band – I heard multiple all merging together in one messy slop, but that wasn’t enjoyable. Of course it IS free which means I shouldn’t be complaining. And I DID get to enjoy a beer which is also nice. I however, got a parking ticket for being too long in my street spot – I passed the gentleman officer just as he was leaving my car. 5 minutes could have saved me $44.

the best part of the day was a gathering back at the homestead – where BBQ ribs, corn, and cupcakes happened – along with an longtime friends

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