Pink Papaya Spa & Cocktail Party

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I love me some Pink Papaya! This is a cosmetic line that you purchase during a home event, similar to scentsy candles or Tupperware parties. But with this, you get to try samples of make-up and be all girly. Now, I don’t wear make-up that much…as a matter of fact due to all my allergy issues over the past three years I stopped wearing it all together until recently (now that I know what caused the allergic reactions I can avoid it happening and can now start wearing make-up again). But this Pink Papaya stuff is great! I’ve used my eyeshadow I purchased two years ago almost everyday and continue to get compliments. So when I knew this party was coming I started to save up my pennies and purchased some fun items: new shadow, new brushes, some concealer, and lip-gloss. With the ladies drinking wine and playing with samples, it was a blast!

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