Fixed Up Mom’s Place

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OMG, my mom is a hoarder. I didn’t realize it until all the kids got together to fix up her place. She has been in the hospital for back surgery and then at rehab center, but now in order to be released to come home they need to do an inspection to make sure her home can provide the right environment for her condition and continued improvement of health. Um, well, first we had to sort and move all the boxes of stuff out of the hallway. Part of that was asking my brother to get his crap out of mom’s closet so she could use it as storage. I admit it was fun as he sorted through all his junk, some of it taking us down memory lane. Then we had to put up pictures on the wall and put her bed together, the headboard and foot-board hadn’t been attached. Man, I felt like such a neglectful kid, she had mentioned she needed help with this stuff, but we just kept getting busy and never getting to it. Then there was the bedding itself, she had new down comforter but hadn’t been using it because she couldn’t find a duvet she liked…for the past two years! Screw that, we went and purchased her one anyway. After all the boxes were tucked away it felt so good, like you could breath and move in her place. What in the world does she plan to do with all those purses? I can’t imagine.

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