Words of Radiance – Brandon Sanderson Reading

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My brother and I attended the Brandon Sanderson reading at the University Bookstore in Seattle.


Pretty exciting for a writing nerd like me, especially as I enjoy all of his books. Brandon Sanderson’s writing pulls you in to strange and wondrous worlds, with fully formed magic systems, cultures, and geology/ecosystems. And his characters are charming and likable (the ones you root for…) and dangerous and devious for the baddies. What more could you ask for in epic fantasy?


Brandon began his reading hour with a description of his writing process and approach to one of his latest released books, Words of Radiance (part 2 in Stormlight Archive series). Followed by Q&A, and last but not least, a special reading of unreleased content.


What impressed me the most was Brandon’s generosity with his time. He wanted to make sure he provided moments for each reader to connect with him during the signings, and promised to not leave until the last person had an opportunity. Even though this meant a very long day for him personally. I know I appreciated it, and I’m sure everyone else there did too. This was the second time I heard Brandon speak, and I will gladly attend more of his readings the next time he is in town, I recommend you do too!

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