Auto Accident round two

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I haven’t been posting lately  – it’s been five days since my latest auto accident. A woman drove through a red turn signal and side swiped me – hit me in the front of my car. I had a green light and was minding my own business…so pretty shocked when it happened. Shocked, upset, terrorized, and in pain. Getting punched in the face and chest and not being able to see anything because the airbag goes off…yes pretty scary. The worst part is knowing exactly what kind of recovery I have ahead. In July I was rear-ended by another person not paying attention, and received severe whiplash. I was only 80% recovered when I was hit the second time. I was on the verge of picking up regular exercise (longer walks with my dog, yoga  – modified for my injuries – but still, yoga, playing guitar) but now it will be another long, long, long period of many physical therapy sessions, chiropractic visits, and lots of mind numbing, boring rest. All I want is my life back. I am missing lots of fun activities and celebrations along the way. These accidents aren’t just painful, they steal your life. Even if it’s only for a year…it’s still miserable. I will be missing a good friend’s wedding, and not be able to be there for family during a crisis because of this. Please, please, put the make-up down, the hamburger you are stuffing in  your face, and your phone. Pay attention to the road and those around you.

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