The cast from Glee

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The morning began at Dreamworks Studios with a tour of the campus. This was not a walk around and just point out a few bushes and buildings, this was a professional hour long explanation (at a high level) of how animation is created. The guide was funny and charming showing us the greenery and water fountains and streams as we crossed over from building to building. I will say this for Dreamworks they certainly treat their employees well. The sun was shining and for me that was everything! Warm sun in December? Sign me up! In the afternoon I had an opportunity to visit Paramount Studios – again an area behind a security gate. Everyone was so nice and I was able to have a personal tour, riding around on the little go-cart type cars. We even captured a picture of me there with the Hollywood sign up in the distance. You’ll see it if you squint. The cast from Glee and The Community were wandering around looking over their scripts. This was a bit lost on me though since I had never seen either of these shows. But still fun. Once I get home I’ll have to watch Glee, I’ve heard so much about it!

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